About Sara

Hi, I’m Sara, 32.

Originally from Suffolk I moved to London 6 years ago with a dream of being a personal trainer in London.

I’ve worked all over London and spent a long time working for an established personal trainer in Mayfair. I now work for myself in a studio off Curzon street and in clients homes.

I like to apply all my practices to the sessions I do; resistance training, Pilates and cardiovascular conditioning alongside some stretching and sports massage techniques were needed.

I love meeting people from all walks of life as each has a individual story and a goal or challenge ahead.It makes my job interesting and continually keeps me challenged!

Outside of work I am planning my wedding to Michael which will take place in August!

Between us we love to train together (where possible) try out new restaurants, cook from scratch, go to watch jazz or just go for a dance!

Im currently doing a short freelance journalism course which I hope finish by the end of the summer.

I enjoy photography and aim to get more handy with my Nikon this summer!