Leggings – the quest to find the perfect fit


Do you train regularly? In a gym, on a bike running through a field. Are you a sports person or perhaps a personal trainer? Regardless, as a woman perhaps you have also noticed the hard task of finding a decent pair of leggings to wear for exercise. Now you may laugh, but many a time I have headed to my well known female branded sports shop (no names), enthuastically grabbing ten pairs of trousers and trotting to the changing rooms. I strip off in good faith believing that there will be a choice of at least 5-6 pairs that will fit and look good. I am devastated to find 3 don’t fit, 2 have strange fastenings around the bum (surely these could never look good on anyone?) and the remaining pairs are see through or immensely figure hugging around the crotch. I mean come on. Seriously? Who wants see through pants to run in? Squat in, do yoga in. Its just not a good look. In recent years, brands have tried to experiment and create more ‘exciting’ female gym wear. My message to these brands would be, please lets go back to basics and develop a product that is comfortable, flattering to the female form (you would be surprised how many awful ‘female’ designs there are!) and not see through. It would be great to practice yoga safe in the knowledge I am not going to violate my fellow gym goers!


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