Can i lose a stone in 6 weeks?

Yes potentially. It is possible to lose this amount by optimising any of the three important factors; food, diet or a supplement regimen.

Follow these simple rules;

  1. Avoid white carbohydrates – Bread, rice, cereal, potatoes, pasta, tortillas and fried food with breading. Don’t eat the white stuff unless you want to get fatter.
  2. Don’t drink your calories – Drink massive quantities of water and herbal teas. Avoid soft drinks and especially fruit juice. Limit diet drinks or even better don’t have at all. Most contain aspartame, which can stimulate weight gain. Unsweetened tea and coffee to a minimum.
  3. Avoid fruits – Its sugar and sugar lies on the body as fat. Avoid!
  4. Maintain simplicity by eating the same meals over and over again to avoid distraction/temptation. The most successful weight loss losers regardless of their goal eat the same meals over and over again.

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