Becoming Fierce


As I approached Fierce Grace (based on East Road, N1) on a sunny Saturday afternoon I pondered the class ahead. It has been some time since I had done yoga, let alone Hot Yoga! The class entitled ‘The Fix’ is described as a “condensed Classic class, with some added surprises, a super-charged 50 minutes designed to get you fitter faster”. The description on the online schedule (found at http://www.fiercegracecity/schedule.php) described the class as a
“No-frills yoga fitness class combining cardiovascular sweat-inducing poses, strength, flexibility, body sculpting, and stress-release through breath and relaxation”. Kindly my Muay Thai coach had given me two complimentary passes so I dragged my ‘always up for a challenge’ boyfriend along! Slightly intimidated by the description but equally motivated for the challenge we entered the class. You can never quite prepare yourself for the heat as you enter a hot yoga class. Yes I know, its hot yoga – it’s the point! But still. The class ran smoothly movements flowed well into each other and I felt challenged but capable to complete most patterns. My hamstrings (still sore from a wed leg session) were very much ‘alive’ as we went into the forward fold followed with back extension.
Our instructor Lisa was clear and concise with her directions and open to questions. She kept a fairly large group under good control and was able to offer alternatives/upgrades to those who needed it.
The session consisted of standing asanas with strenuous warrior poses going into balances such as the tree and dancer pose finishing with floor work including some useful exercises to open up the thoracic and stretch out the hip flexors of which I hope to incorporate into my current mobility routine.
Currently Fierce Grace are offering a promotion of 30 days of unlimited yoga for £35, I certainly will be making use of post holidays.
For more information and detailed class descriptions see the website or visit the facebook site.


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