My Trolley: The Ultimate Shopping List for a Healthy Kitchen

This girl knows how to cook! Read her pantry list for inspiration!

Nourish By Ashlyn


More and more often I’m getting asked what my typical shopping list looks like, so I thought I’d share it with you.
All the ingredients below are things that I either purchase on a regular basis (like fresh produce), or staples which only need to be bought occasionally (such as spices and grains). Of course, I don’t always have every single thing on this list at home at the same time; that depends on the meals mum or I are making at the time and what’s available. To provide an accurate depiction of what my diet mainly consists of, I have tried to only include the ingredients I consume all the time. Anything else is labelled as an ‘extra’.

Just as often as I’m asked what I buy, I also get asked where I buy it. The answer is everywhere – farmers markets, supermarkets (there’s a Super Coles right near my house), local…

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