Meal Planning


The most overlooked element of weight loss is food planning. We become so fixated on what exercise, how much exercise, how many calories burnt during exercise that we forget what were consuming!

The food we eat – essentially the energy our body uses as fuel differs immensely. A lifestyle change should be just that we should be bettering our energy sources to use our bodies to their fullest potential.

So, how can you do this?

  1. Record a food diary – be very honest with yourself. What do you eat, when do you eat it? How much do you eat? Do you put sauce on it et. Etc
  2. Record drink intake (same theory as food)
  3. What is your current routine? when do you wake up? When do you have breakfast? Do you even have breakfast!
  4. Where do you buy your food? Do you prepare it yourself?

From there we can start putting together a realistic food plan for you.




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