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  1. Sara Winter says:

    I absolutely love training with Sara, or just being trained by her. She pushes me, motivates me, and encourages me to try out different exercises. She puts her everything into each training session, and makes sure that it’s all done correctly, to avoid any kind of injuries. This is really helpful, because it’s so easy not to realise that you’re doing something wrong when you exercise. Since i started training with Sara, I have definitely noticed a difference in my shape, i’ve slimmed down a bit and become more toned, and I feel great!
    Another thing that makes Sara such a perfect trainer, is that she really loves her job and cares a lot about each client.

    Sara, 25, London

  2. Reem says:

    I was fortunate to have met Sara over 3 years ago and have been training with her since. She is quite knowledgable in many areas of fitness and health. She has certainly played a big part during my fitness journey, from her creativity in the kitchen by inspiring me with recipes, to her detailed and carefully planned, fun sessions. She really listens to my goals and helps me above and beyond her obligation. When I told her I was interested in running a half marathon not only was she encouraging and gave me confidence, but she provided me with a complete training plan as well as emailing me weekly asking for my progress. In addition to her skill set, she is an excellent certified sports masseuse which compliments my training wonderfully on my rest days. If I could sum Sara up it is that she is a one-stop for all my fitness goals. Sara is a dedicated personal trainer and I recommend her to anyone who is interested in improving their physical conditioning.
    – Reem, 30, Bahrain.

  3. ashish goel says:

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Sara for 3 yrs and have trained with her on a regular basis ,she is extremely motivated and understands the goals i need to achieve.She not only has great knowledge in body mechanics she helps increase core strength and improve your flexibility so you can work out without hurting yourself while keeping correct form.
    Sara is extremly committed to her work and loves to improve on her knowledge in everything from nutrition to massages .10 sessions with her and i can see changes happening in my body .i will continue to train with sara every time aim in london

    Ashish 40 mumbai

  4. Michael says:

    When I decided at the start of the year that I wanted to run my first marathon, Sara was the first person in the fitness industry that I went to seeking help and advice. This is because I already knew that Sara was very knowledgeable about fitness and training. Plus as she had already ran a marathon, I knew any advice I received would come with the additional benefit of her personal experience.
    Sara initially found out what my fitness level was and what my target was in terms of finishing time for my marathon. She then designed a training plan for me which pushed me week after week but with the motivation that came with it, I knew that the goals set were achievable. This training plan also fitted around my hectic work schedule and other weekly activities.

    The training plan isn’t where her interest stopped. Sara was regularly asking for updates and was genuinely interested in how I was progressing and was very keen to make sure that I’m not picking up any injuries. Even when I did feel the odd niggle, or muscle pain, a sports massage with her always seemed to do the trick and got me back running in no time.

    I found Sara different to other trainers I have worked with in the past as it wasn’t just a case of setting me targets and that was the job done. She actually cared about my personal fitness and did the best she could to help me improve and provided all the motivation that I needed. Add that to the all round knowledge she has got on fitness and nutrition and you’ve got one heck of a trainer.

  5. Anwen says:

    I have been training with Sara for nearly two years. During that time, I have lost weight, increased my stamina and improved my flexibility. Her training and advice has helped me to achieve and exceed my goals and her enthusiasm is contagious. Her training programme provides variety and challenges and keeps me motivated. She has given me the confidence to try new activities, including joining me on my first ever 5k run, which perfectly illustrates the commitment she gives to her clients.

    As well as motivating me in the gym, she has given me great advice on nutrition and improving my lifestyle so that it compliments what I do in the gym. Her interest in sports science and massage therapist training also means that she can help when I have any pain or niggles and can amend the training programme accordingly – this gives me great confidence in the work we do in the gym.

    She is friendly and approachable and cares about her clients and their goals. I always enjoy and look forward to our sessions. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

  6. Having worked with Sara over a series of months, I would confidently recommend her to others. She listened to what I want to achieve and gently but confidently guided me through the personal training sessions, adjusting exercises to my needs and ability. I really enjoyed mixing in more traditional strength exercises with pilates and Sara was extremely helpful when I hurt my lower back (through work) using massage and gentle stretching.
    After training with Sara, I had certainly lost weight especially on my stomach, I’ve improved strength in my legs and bum and my core and upper body strength has increased! Aside from her technical ability I have really enjoyed seeing Sara on a weekly basis, she is personable, friendly and helpful, going above and beyond to recommend recipes e.g. how to include more protein in my diet. I’m going to miss her!

  7. Helen S says:

    What incredible luck, when I signed up for a personal training scheme, that Sara arrived on my doorstep. Even though our workouts were at the crack of dawn she always turned up on time, in great spirits and full of innovative ways to turn my home into a gym. She found workouts that I actually enjoyed doing (and motivated me through the ones I didn’t but that needed doing). The sessions have had an incredible effect, worth every penny and much more than I ever could have done on my own. I saw brilliant results in the way clothes fit, had more energy and slept better.

    In recent months I went through a difficult personal time, and Sara became half trainer half life coach – pushing me forwards with tremendous warmth and encouragement. Whatever your workout goals or needs, I can’t recommend Sara highly enough as a trainer and as a person.

  8. Isabelle says:

    I have trained with Sara for over a year and it has simply been a great experience on all levels!
    Initially (like a lot of women out there!) my goal was to lose some weight, but with time, not only I dropped a clothes size but I also improved my overall fitness and tone; and as a result it also helped me in my stress management. My eating habits changed completely and I started to feel so much better about myself! And, much to my surprise, I really enjoyed the sessions!
    Sara is a great trainer, she’s kind and human, i.e. She has the perfect balance of strictness when I’ve needed a kick or compassion to motivate me. She has a great sense of humor too, and she is full of useful tips & advice on general health, daily nutrition habits, and overall fitness. She is the complete trainer! I think there is no need for me to mention that I would highly recommend PT with Sara to everyone! Just gives it a go – it has been a real revelation for me.

  9. Rabia Ahsan says:

    I am overwhelmed with the idea of putting the last four years of my training with Sara into an essay as there is so much to it that I think words wont be able to justify.
    Having met her at Matt Roberts Mayfair during my first week of training, Sara has motivated, inspired and converted me into a workout buff.Shes helped me overhaul my diet and fitness and has pushed me into achieving my goals which I never thought were possible. I always enjoy working out with her as I feel she always gauges my mood and devises my training plan accordingly which results in an excellent session. Its a mind and body combination that has been mastered by her, the recipe of which only she knows. The woman who made squatting a happy task for me..bum queen as I call her. Her sense of humour always helps in times when the going gets tough in sessions.
    I have muscles popping up in my biceps, have a toned bum and a better posture due to the hard work shes made me do which I have not been able to do with any trainer. I would recommend anyone wanting to achieve impossible results to train with her and benefit from all the great advice she has on nutrition.
    Wishing you and Mike all the best for forever. x.

  10. Claire Esbenshade says:

    I have trained with Sara for two years, and through her guidance I have become fitter, healthier and happier. Her fitness and health knowledge makes her an extremely valuable personal trainer. As a young woman, I’d always shied away from weight training, limiting my workouts to a bit of cardio and maybe a group fitness class. Sara’s extensive running, strength, conditioning and body weight work (as well as yoga and pilates) was exactly what I was looking for in a trainer. Her nutrition expertise rounds out the programme, and I’ve truly enjoyed continuously improving my diet with better and better nutritious choices that help me achieve my goals.

    Sara offers the “whole package” for fitness and nutrition – she helped me get back on and stay on track. Sara has coached me to run my first half marathons (getting faster each time), taught me how to run intervals, and through her coaching I have become leaner, toner, and much stronger while achieving the body shape I wanted. She encourages me with new goals, and helps me set milestones to keep me motivated. My training sessions with Sara are the highlight of my week, and I can’t recommend her enough.

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